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Hey, guess what – sort of forgot we had a blog. Get used to it. We started this review back in July and never finished it. Done is better than perfect, remember that kids.

Something about the Queen City Wine Dive just feels like home. Maybe because it’s only across the square from my house, but it’s indubitably my go to spot for a good drink and better conversation. Bringing a much needed breath of fresh air to the downtown scene, with both a cocktail and food menu that you don’t find on every other corner… you know the spots..IPA’s and over fried chicken tenders.

Queen City Wine Dive

Their staff and service offers a welcome environment where you don’t feel overwhelmed upon entry. Micah, the owner, has customer service down to a tee as he regularly tends bar and converses with patrons. A refreshing sight as typically in an establishment like this the owners are less hands on and more hiding in the back. This small but profound touch, again, makes you feel like you’re in a place unlike others in the downtown scene.

Queen City Wine Dive

Their drink menu is in a class of its own, with specialty drinks up there with that of the Golden Girl Rum Club’s extensive and inventive menu. As an appreciator, and often times over indulger of a good drink – it’s nice to switch up from my usual vodka tonic.

We can’t talk about their drinks without mentioning their namesake – their wine selection. While I’ve never been much of a wine connoisseur, their glass room of wine on tap will make any white girl shiver in her ugg boots.

Queen City Wine Dive

With their staple ingredient of duck and ever rotating weekend specials there’s a comforting mix of consistency and inventiveness. From a classic hamburger to boar tenderloin, their menu allows for adventurous eating without taking a leer jet out of your comfort zone, unless you want to. It can be intimidating to try new places, or want to be explorative in new cuisine but not to the point of having to google what something is under your table – The Wine Dive has created an excellent blend of that where no matter your craving, you will feel satisfied.

We recommend: The House Burger and Mr. Right Cocktail

Honorable Mentions: Riverside Inn Chicken and Duck Confit Mac & Cheese

Where: 105 Park Central Square, Springfield, MO 65806 


What do you think of the Queen City Wine Dive? Send us a message via DM or email us and let us know! Your contributions help make our community better! Sort of like PBS, just without the totebags and telethons.

photography by @24to105


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