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Disclaimer: We wanted our first official review on our new website to be a glowingly positive one but unfortunately this is not one. The timing of reviewing a brand new restaurant downtown had to override us putting off this site’s launch to have a more light hearted review.

Let me start off by saying, I’m not greek, I don’t know shit about gyros other than how to pronounce it properly unlike my friend who joined me for dinner at the new downtown greek spot The Greek Belly. I just love to eat, and cook, and I happen to think I’m a rather competent chef which warrants my own critiques on how things are executed.

Now, before I continue – I very much understand the woes and trial/error of a new restaurant and certainly the risk of trying one while they’re very much still in, well, a beta phase. I learned that the hard way with Civil Kitchen years ago when I got a cold hamburger and the waitress seemed confused as to what ketchup was and why silverware should be on the table.

That being said, I still feel our audience should get to know what to expect. You’ll probably hear much different and hopefully better feedback from others on social media – I hope you do! Perhaps It was an off day for them, but regardless this site is not about sugar coating or giving you the run around. I’m not going to edit or lie in a review because of an off night, I’m going to give my honest opinion no matter the circumstances:

I’m not going to talk about the atmosphere (it’s brand new, there wasn’t any) or the service or staff. You walk up to a counter and order your meal, hoping that you pronounce it properly, off the menu to your right. It’s not rocket science and Downtown Springfield will always be in need of more spots like this where you can walk in and order good food and go about your business. That being said, it’s hard to compete with the cheesesteak spot right across the street who’s owner always greets me cordially regardless of the amount of times I’ve been in there at 2am having difficulty standing – but hey I always tip well so let me live you’re not even my real dad.

Speaking of the menu, now into the meat of it:

The Food (see what I did there)

Again, I’ve only had a few gyros in my life and not an expert but I do know how to cook and what I expect as a consumer. I ordered the standard gyro minus the tomato and onions – because I am not a rabbit. Unfortunately I would consider it quite bland. When the new hire awkwardly put the food together, I remember thinking “Oh hell yes it comes with fries inside it.. but she’s going to heat that up right?”


I wound up with a lukewarm gyro that just tasted, well, old. The pita was stiff and felt like I had gotten the ingredients that sat out since the opening.. the grand opening. The overall meal just seemed to lack any sort of taste or flavor. Very unimaginative and lacked execution.

If there is one main takeaway from this haphazard and possibly too candid food review it should be this: Try the place, why not? There’s other days for better food but give The Greek Belly a try with one thing in mind, don’t have high expectations – or prove me wrong. Maybe trying it at 6pm on a weekday was my mistake, IDK what do I know?

In conclusion, I do fully intend to give The Greek Belly another try once they’ve been open longer and gotten some of their process more streamlined. Some people may neglect to try or even review a brand new food place, or at the very least postpone actually writing and publishing one. However, as I said, this site is for unbiased and brutally honest commentary regardless if positive or negative.


Did you have a different experience? Send us a message via DM or email us and let us know! Your contributions help make our community better! Sort of like PBS, just without the totebags and telethons.


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