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3 Tips For Getting Reposted On Instagram

3 Tips for Getting Reposted on Instagram

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We at owe much of the success of our accounts (@showmespringfieldmo and @curate.417) to our amazing community of local users and creators. Without you, we’d be stuck posting only our own content and while that has been highly requested at times we feel it’s better to put others in the spotlight and share what and who makes the 417 area great. We get tagged, hashtagged and DM’d every hour with great, and sometimes not great, content from locals hoping to be reposted on our accounts. As curators with a net instagram following of over 170k spanning across about 10 accounts we thought our own insight into this subject was worth sharing.

Without further ado, here are our top 3 tips on getting your content reposted on other Instagram accounts:

No.1 | Compare Your Content to Theirs.

It’s always important to have your own definitive style, their are too many Instagram photographers using Brandon Woelfel presets (you know the ones, blown out shadows, upped clarity and heavy on the blues) on otherwise mediocre images. Create your own style and stick to it, fashion your feed how YOU want not how others do. That being said, and to somewhat contradict that previous statement – take a look at the accounts you’re hoping for reposts. Is your editing style similar? Do they favor one format or the other? Put your ego to the side and ask yourself: is my content even good enough to be reposted? If not, that’s ok..just do better.

If you’re hoping to be reposted on a feed you like, especially if tagging them, make sure its content that they post. We post photos of local food, attractions and other aesthetically pleasing junk based here in Springfield. We’re not going to repost your sweaty selfie taken inside Ernie Biggs.

No.2 | Create Content that is “Repost Friendly”

Look, in a perfect world we could all have our meticulously curated instagram feeds but this is far from a perfect world, I mean the ice caps are literally melting into the ocean GEEZ!

Framing out your photo or having a white border around it for a floating effect may look nice when by chance your followers go to your actual profile and get the full effect – but for getting reposted it puts a gun to your contents head and pulls the trigger. It wasn’t loaded but MY GOD BRETT WHAT IF IT HAD BEEN, WHAT IF IT HAD BEEN?!

As someone who runs about 12 accounts, two of them local and most of them repost/aggregator accounts – I’m picky about the content I select because as a repost account the content I choose to share is a part of the page’s brand image. You follow for great local content, not mediocre local content. Right?

Reposting a photo that’s been framed for your account specifically means taking the time to crop in that photo which degrades the resolution and really just slows down the process.

The time it takes to repost an image, leads me into the next point:

No. 3 | 4:5 > 16:9

This is not only a reposting tip but an overall tip for better Instagram engagement. We will touch on the engagement aspect in a future post.

As far as reposting, it boils down to ease. It’s far easier for an account to repost a 4:5 ratio photo due to not having to do any sort of cropping outside of the app. It can be seamlessly screenshot on Instagram and reposted without leaving the app. It’s also better for engagement for their account – again we will talk about that at a later date. (or click here)

Bonus Tip: Our Own Criteria

While the above tips are a good general rule of thumb for more repostable content, every account has their own preference by the curators of how they want the page’s brand image and feed to look. We wanted to give some additional insight into what we specifically look for in content for our accounts:

  • No framed or bordered photos
  • 4:5 > 16:9
  • Photos that are not focused on a single person (portraits)
  • Watermark free
  • Highlight a local spot
  • Quality of edit

That’s it. Well, that’s far from it. There’s enough tips and tricks for Instagram to write a dozen more articles but we hope in the meantime this insight will be helpful for you in how you craft your content moving forward. Did you find these tips useful? DM us on Instagram and let us know!

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Ryan Smith / Founder

Sgf.Life founder and executive director with 10+ years experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, merchandising and creative direction. Ryan leverages his passion for design, social media and photography for a variety of endeavors including Sgf.Life.

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