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Millsap Farms – Pizza Nights and Twinkle Lights

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Smiling people, children playing, pizza cooking, and twinkle lights twinkling. Millsap Farms’ weekly pizza night was well underway, and yet, it was still as lively as if it had just begun. As live music started playing in the background, I walked toward the tables lined with people and smiled to myself. The atmosphere of people, in the out of doors, enjoying each other’s company, and eating delicious food makes my heart happy.

Millsap Farm, owned by Curtis and Sarah Millsap is one of the homiest places you will ever experience. Their genuine love for people and appreciation for good, wholesome food always leaves me wanting to come back. Millsap Farm offers a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, fresh produce every week at the Farmers Market of the Ozarks in Springfield, Missouri, each Saturday morning, and a host of other opportunities to take advantage of their abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Millsap Farms Pizza Night
Millsap Farms Pizza Night
Millsap Farms Pizza Night

Have you ever been on a farm at sunrise? I have. It was exquisite. In fact, I was so enthralled by the lovely colors in the clouds, the chill before the first light, and taking in the moment that I forgot to take pictures of the sunrise for the first hour or so. Even then, it was still so lovely. The peacefulness was overwhelming. The birds flittered in the trees and sang sweet tunes. The farm cats and dogs roamed about. Thankfulness for life, growth, fresh food, and so many things were at the forefront of my mind. When I finally remembered to get my camera, the colors were so vibrant and the light was perfect. It was the best way to start the day and it gave me a better perspective for returning that evening to the Pizza Night.

Every detail of Pizza Night is thought out and planned for the enjoyment of each person in attendance. Somehow, it feels chill and simple and beautifully cozy. From beginning to end, the process of making and serving the pizzas is a group effort. Young and old come together to prepare the various kinds of wood-fired pizza with overflowing amounts of generosity and patience. These things are evident as they spend the entire evening tirelessly rolling dough, adding ingredients, and rushing back and forth from the oven to the serving tables.

Millsap Farms Pizza Night

After only 2 minutes of cooking, the pizzas are removed from the 800℉ stone oven and transferred to buffet style tables to be sliced and served. Millsap Farm uses their own produce to make the yummiest, healthiest, freshest pizza possible. Though a lot of their ingredients are the normal pizza toppings such as cheese, tomatoes, onions, etc., they also add unique toppings that make for some surprisingly delicious combinations. Some of these include: peaches, applesauce, feta, and date syrup from Date Lady (

During and after pizza, a campfire crackles, guest music artists play, and people gather together to enjoy their food. Millsap Farm pizza nights are absolutely 100% worth it. If you have the chance to go, go. Because nothing is better than pizza nights and twinkle lights.

Millsap Farms Pizza Night


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Sarah Bagarah / Guest Writer

Sarah Bagarah is a Springfield based blogger and photographer with a focus on food and lifestyle content.

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