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Improving Your Workflow and Social Media for FREE

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This topic has been a pretty regularly requested topic from our Instagram followers – how to boost your social media game with a budget of zero.

Social media is without a doubt one of the most important factors of growing your business or personal brand, but using it efficiently can be tedious and incredibly time consuming. Social media is an organism that you have to feed daily and if you aren’t investing time into your brand’s presence you’re effectively limiting your growth.

Unfortunately there are only so many hours in the day and Elon Musk has not figured out the whole cloning thing yet (that we know of)..  so for the time being we have to make the most of the hours we have in each and every day – and use them wisely.


Standing for if this then that, IFTTT is a long used macro site that allows you to use or create what are called recipes – which essentially is a trigger and an action. You can use this in a multitude of ways like programming a hot key to order you a pizza or to automatically change the wallpaper on your phone to NASA’s daily satellite image.

What we are interested in IFTTT for is to improve your workflow and automating your social media presence for FREE.

Shown above are just a few of the recipes available for automating your social media.

Creating an account only takes a few moments and afterwards you have an expansive library of actions at your disposal, including:

  • Automatically Pin your Instagram or Facebook photos to Pinterest
  • Automatically update profile photos
  • Automatically share Instagram posts with a specific hashtag to your Twitter or Facebook
  • And many more

Properly using the right recipes can save you a lot of time each day when preparing and distributing your social media content. Keep in mind some of the downsides to using IFTTT, like losing some control over your posts as they automatically cross post across several platforms. We always recommend crafting specific content for each social media site as they all have their own algorithms and specifications for how your content should be created. Then again, it’s all free so so you sort of need to weigh the pros and cons there.

Not working with a zero budget? Check out our own social media services:

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