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instagram giveaways

So you’re interested in partnering with us on a giveaway? NICE!

We join together with local brands and businesses to help expand their social media awareness by incentivizing new users’ initial action to discover you.

We’ve worked with numerous local businesses, some with already established followings and others who were just beginning and could use a jump start.

Past Giveaways

Cody Watson

We partnered with local barber Cody Watson (@takthedog) to give away a gift voucher redeemable for one free haircut. This was an example of a more niche giveaway, since we expected most users already have a barber/hair stylist they are loyal to. Despite this variable, @takthedog saw roughly 170 new followers during his 3 day giveaway.


@Druffs was our first giveaway. We came in for a comped lunch and took photos of sandwiches with a $50 giftcard that was up for grabs. Starting at about 1,100 followers, @Druffs surpassed 1,500 followers by the end of the 3 day giveaway.

Dynamic DNA Labs

We partnered with @DynamicDNALabs to giveaway one of their advanced skin care reports. While we knew this would be a more niche giveaway due to the prize, their instagram grew roughly 100 followers over a 3 day period.

5 Pound Apparel

One of our most commented on giveaways, @5poundapparel hosted a 7 day giveaway with us loaded with lots of great Springfield oriented merch. They gained roughly 400 new followers during and after the giveaway.

Patch Dog

We partnered with local clothing brand @patchdogsgf - they have some hilarious and well executed apparel that we knew would be a great candidate for giveaway. It was one of out highest performing giveaways, engagement wise, and they accumulated almost 300 new followers during their 3 day giveaway! Since running their first giveaway, they have hosted 2 additional giveaways with us and have gained upwards of 800 new followers and generated additional sales per month.

Reborn Candle Co

@RebornCandleCo did a one week giveaway for a $75 gift certificate for their table at the Springfield Farmer's Market for their candles and other products. During their week they gained roughly 200 new followers.

Queen City Wine Dive

@QueenCityWineDive was an especially successful giveaway campaign. We were compensated for coming in and shooting different dishes which created alot of content for marketing the giveaway: a free 4 course dinner for two. Their instagram started at 286 followers before the giveaway and reached nearly 900 followers by the end of the week. Due to our reposts of content we created they have since surpassed 1,000 followers since original giveaway.

how they work

Our giveaways are pretty straight forward, and go as follows:

– You provide a gift voucher redeemable for your product or services, the value is up to you.

-Either you provide approved content, or we create it ourselves to launch and promote the giveaway.
An aesthetically pleasing photo related to the giveaway helps with authenticity and boosts its reach.

-Our followers (roughly 24k) are required to follow your Instagram account in order for a chance to win.
They also must tag two friends on the giveaway post, effectively reaching more and more people to discover you.

-We offer two tiers of giveaways for a nominal fee.
Consider this a kickback for the time we put in for actively promoting the giveaway for the time period and sending new followers to your account daily.
You can choose between a 3  day giveaway and a 7 day giveaway.

-On the 3rd or 7th day (depending on tier), we use a random comment picker to select a winner for your giveaway.
We contact the winner with a DM that they must show to you either in person or via screenshot to claim their prize.
Giveaway participant is responsible if mailing prize is necessary.

*note: giveaway results may vary and very much dependent on the demand for your prize. Please keep this in mind when selecting what you choose to give away. Giveaway fees are non refundable, regardless of the performance of giveaway.

giveaway application

We use discretion in who we partner with on collaborations and giveaways in order to maintain quality control and insure our followers continue to get the best experience they can with our accounts. If you’re interested in partnering on a giveaway, please fill out the form below.

    note: Giveaway schedules are first come first serve. At times we are booked up for several weeks. Please keep this in mind when inquiring.

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