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Sgf.Life is a Springfield, Missouri based platform built with the primary goal to connect, educate and collaborate with creators and businesses in the 417 locale. We strive to create a positive impact in the community and help empower those who, like us, have a passion for making things – big or small.

our community

Through a direct reach of over 30k and an indirect reach of over 200k we have cultivated a community of audiences both hyper local to the 417 area as well as nationally and globally. Helping to showcase our local creators and entrepreneurs to a wider audience that they may not always have access to. Through a variety of formats including photo walks, social events, guest posts and more – we aim to connect our community with you and the rest of the area.

Photo Walks
Creator Features
Social Media Meet Ups
Event Collaborations
Influencer Campaigns
Video Productions
Guest Writing
Photography Projects
Instagram Takeovers

It gets tiring doing this all by ourselves! Get involved with Sgf.Life by collaborating with us on both online and offline projects like Instagram takeovers, guest blog posts, merchandise capsules and more.

We often times work with businesses of different scales for paid work and we tend to offer opportunities to our most collaborative members.

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